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Canadian erotic wishlist

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Canadian  wishlist Canadian wishlist

Is Canada a country for people who like sex? Sure, by all means! Despite unfavourable conditions, there will be more of us. So I wish all Canadians and myself:


  1. Don't be so serious about sex, forget about exalted face expressions in bed and let yourselves have more fun. When, if not when being naked, can we relax and have more fun? Sex is not serious, serious are only the consequences of sex. Instead of pretending to be super-lovers and ladies in the bedroom, smile more to each other and to new erotic ideas
  2. Don't judge yours and your partner's needs and erotic dreams. As long as we don't hurt each other it's all good. Our energy is consumed by overthinking if what we or our partner wants is normal or not anymore. Use this energy to discover your sexuality and to explore pleasure. After all, we're all sexual beings - let's enjoy it
  3. Don't believe in stories from cheap romance novels and low-budget porn movies where two people get together and suddenly experience an 'earthquake'. Our sex life is not a matter of coincidence. You need knowledge, skills and engagement to have satisfying sex. We take care of our sex life same way like we care about other parts of our life. Sex is like food - you can eat anything just to satisfy your hunger, but when you put effort into preparing it, display it nicely, add some candle light - you're talking about food experience. Worth to taste the difference.
  4. Finally, my biggest wish for all of you: stop being afraid of sex. Don't think how terrible consequences it can have for your relationship. Finding pleasure in sex is nothing bad or to be ashamed of. Great sex connects people so instead of fearing it, embrace it! Find what you like and experiment.

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Let's all find joy in sex!