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The best features of refrigerators

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Modern models of fridge-freezers have the highest energy classes, thanks to which they are able to effectively reduce our electricity bills.

Efficient thermostats effectively cool and freeze products, and the stylish design makes refrigerators an important element of kitchen decor. Many of us, however, wonder what additional functions of these devices should be taken into account when buying.

No Frost and Multi Flow system

One of the most popular features that is available in almost all state-of-the-art refrigerator models is No Frost. No Frost refrigerators are called frost-free - no frost or ice is formed inside them, which translates into uniform and quick cooling without the need to defrost the device. This system is based on the constant control of the humidity level in the refrigerator and the circulation of cool air, which effectively drains the interior. Another useful feature is the Multi Flow system. A good refrigerator equipped with this system will evenly cool the products on each shelf. Thanks to this, it will also be possible to quickly equalize the temperature after opening the door. This will extend the shelf life of the food.

Bacteria protection, holiday mode and door open alarm

It is worth buying a refrigerator with an antibacterial coating. Its task is to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms responsible for the rapid deterioration of food. The name of this solution varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but no matter what the name and technology is used, it is all about eliminating harmful microorganisms and purifying the air in the refrigerator. The holiday mode is also an interesting and useful function. It is especially recommended for people who go away for longer periods at least once a year. In this mode, the refrigerator keeps the interior temperature relatively low (around 12 degrees Celsius), while consuming less energy. The last recommended feature is the door open alarm. This will protect us not only from high electricity bills, but above all from food spoilage and equipment failures.

More and more modern models of refrigerators are available on the Polish market. Although their prices can reach a dozen or so thousand zlotys, it is worth buying the highest quality equipment. Thanks to this, we can be sure that our food will be fresh and healthy for a long time.